Bible Study

A new bible study "Invitation to John" will begin on Monday, August 26th and run for 12 weeks.  We will meet the first 6 weeks in Meadow Grove and the last 6 weeks in Tilden.

Books will be passed out on the first night in Meadow Grove and we will skip the next week due to the Labor Day holiday.

Cost will be $15 for the participant book. Talk to Pastor Rich for more information

The following description from the book's website details what you can expect.

The invitation from Christ is: "Come and see, Follow me". Experience the magnificent passages in John including the I am statements (I am the truth, the life and the way, I am the living water and more). Revisit stories only told in John's gospel including Nicodemus, Mary Magdalene and the raising of Lazarus.

During the weekly video segments, travel into the scripture as you hear the Word, experience the grand artwork connected with each story and interview the scholar. Each week wraps up with a small group discussion on video to spark your own conversation.

Participants for this Invitation to John do not have to have an in-depth knowledge of the Bible to enjoy and benefit from participation. Reading just two chapters of John a week, they will discover the life altering stories that will invite them to follow Christ as true disciples.

This eleven-week study includes a participant book outlining daily reading assignments for group preparations, a leader guide suggesting discussion activities for use in the 60–90-minute weekly meeting, and a video component providing interpretation and context for the biblical texts.